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Guild Vault


Share the spoils of war with fellow guildmates from the safety of your Guild Hall. These large, black steel 40 slot vaults are perfect for sharing resources with one another. Any Guild Member can access the vault; if you want to set up custom vaults for higher ranking members, put the vault in a room and use a Guild Door to limit who can access the room. NOTE: Only the Guild Leader may place a Guild Vault in the Guild Hall. The Guild Vault deed is not tradeable.

How to Use
Log in as the Guild Leader. Type /store in chat or press "0" and choose the coin icon to bring up the in game store. Find Guild Vault in the list and press the "use" button which can be found at the bottom of the store. A special store purchase chest will be placed in your backpack. In it is the Guild Vault deed. To place the vault in your Guild Hall, double click the deed and place it in an appropriate spot.