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City Faction Reset


Once off of Valinor Island, the stewards of the three main starting cities (Krog, Whisperdale, and Silvest) will ask you to pledge your allegiance and fight for their city. Once you've pledged to a city, you gain an orb and the ability to complete quests for the city Patron for special armor. The City Faction Reset removes your previous allegiance (and extra orb), allowing you to fight for a new city. Krog gives a bonus orb to Strength, Whisperdale gives a bonus orb to Dexterity, and Silvest gives a bonus orb to Intelligence.

How to Use
Log in with the character you wish to use this on. Type /store in chat or press "0" and choose the coin icon to bring up the in game store. Find City Faction Reset in the list and press the "use" button which can be found at the bottom of the store.