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Wedding Pack


The wedding pack, styled after both modern and medieval wedding attire and colors, is perfect for all romantic occassions! Commemorate an anniversary with your loved one or tie a virtual knot with that special someone, it's up to you! Included in this pack are:

10 Sparkling Wine
1 Wedding Armor (M)
1 Wedding Boots (M)
1 Wedding Cloak
1 Wedding Cumberbund
1 Wedding Dress (F)
1 Wedding Flowers
1 Wedding Gauntlets
1 Wedding Gloves (F)
1 Wedding Helm
1 Wedding Pants
2 Wedding Rings
1 Wedding Shield
1 Wedding Shoes
1 Wedding Veil

How to Use
Log in with the character that will be using this item. Type /store in chat or press "0" and choose the coin icon to bring up the in game store. Find Wedding Pack in the list and press the "use" button which can be found at the bottom of the store. A special store purchase chest will be placed in your backpack. In it contains the clothing and jewelry.