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PvP Island Access


King Lotor is looking for the strongest warriors in the land and has set them to compete on PVP Island. It's a winner-takes-all style battle royale set on a deserted island. Once the 10 token entrance fee has been paid you'll be sent sent to the remote island where you must battle your way to the top in an anything goes free for all competition. You can earn 6 tokens for each player you defeat. There’s no limit on how much can be won; time on the island ends when you leave willingly or are eliminated.

How to Use
Once you purchase the PVP Island Access pass, travel to Lotor's Summar Palace. On the west side of the island, just by the entrance to the throne room, is a glowing portal and the PVP Island NPC. Speak with him and he will grant you access to the portal. You'll be teleported to a random location on the island. Be prepared before you enter; there are no shops to purchase supplies. If you wish to leave speak to the NPC who stands in the middle of the island close to the swamp.