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Broken Finger Access


Lurking in deep caves pocked by mushrooms are legendary monsters of unspeakable power as well as their terrifying lords. For 8 logged in hours you can wind your way through this dungeon to battle War Giants, Hounds of Cerebus, and Dark Guardians. If you are lucky you may stumble upon Lord Cerebus, Gorgor the Pit Fiend, Ragaxm the Invincible, and Mignor the Merciless. WARNING: This is a dungeon designed for a group of high level adventurers.

How to Use
The entrance to this dungeon is watched by Flamonei the Mage who will allow you to enter the portal once you have purchased the access pass. You can find him just inside the entrance to a sewer on the Broken Finger swamp, which is a long distance west from the city of Chlera.