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Teleport Stones


With these enchanted stones you can quickly and safely jump to another place in the world. Included are these stones: Stone of Lotor, Stone of Redwake, Stone of Lopal, Stone of Hammerfist, Stone of Chlera, Stone of Meroven, Stone of Gulley, Stone of New Royale, Stone of Roycroft. The stones teleport you to the city in their name (i.e. Stone of Redwake teleports you to the city of Redwake). Each stone has 5 charges.

How to Use
Log in with the character that you want to have the Teleport Stones. Type /store in chat or press "0" and choose the coin icon to bring up the in game store. Find Teleport Stones in the list and press the "use" button which can be found at the bottom of the store. A special store purchase chest will be placed in your backpack. In it are your stones. Click on the stone you wish to use and wait for a few seconds to be teleported. If you move before the teleport it will be interrupted and you have to start over again (this does not waste a charge).