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Server Move (Deluxe)


If you decide you want to try a different style of gameplay or be on the same server as your friends, the Deluxe server move will allow you to move one character to a different server and bring all items with you. With this move all of your non-stolen items (including those in the bank) will transfer with you. NOTE: There are restrictions on Deluxe server moves to and from certain servers. Currently, Deluxe moves are disabled from PVP to PVE environments. Special Event servers or new servers may also prohibit moves. Please contact support if you are unsure.

How to Use
Server moves are done on the Pixel Mine Secure Site (the site you are viewing right now). Log in to the site and click on the "Games" tab. Click on "View your Ashen Empires character information." Next choose the server and character that you wish to move. At the bottom of the screen is a button labeled "Enable Server Move" which brings up a server select box and a move button. Be sure you have selected the right character when doing a server move. If someone on the destination server has the same name as you, you'll be asked to choose a new name. All guild tags and guild information is lost when you change servers.